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What to Look for When Selecting Automation Software

on October 31, 2022

Case management automation should make your life easier and improve the overall intake experience for your clients. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case with software companies. With so many options in the market today, too many providers are rushing to develop more features and integrations that can often make managing the software a full-time job.

When selecting the right automation for your business, here are some cautions to watch out for:

Too Many Features

Many legal software will pile on features to stay competitive with other offerings. While some of these may be useful, many of these features are rushed to development and don’t provide much when it comes to customer experience. Rather than finding an all-in-one solution, consider the most valuable features your firm needs and select a niche software that aligns with your goals.

No Clear Reporting and Analytics

Your legal software should automate the day-to-day tasks like intake while still offering a seamless view into how your business is performing. Every firm needs the ability to track where intakes are trailing off, how many referrals are coming in, and be able to analyze the overall health of the business pipeline. Accessing this information easily and being able to see visual reports is essential for both internal and external stakeholders.

Poor Client Communication Capabilities

Keeping clients engaged throughout the entire case journey ensures they are there when you need them. A strong software should not only offer features like a mobile app, mass text messaging, and automated case updates but also provide a quality user experience to clients through those features. Improving communication can ensure your firm’s pipeline health and increase your potential for referrals for providing a quality experience with little time invested.

What Separates Bridgify From Other Solutions:

Perfect Intake

Bridgify provides one place to build your dynamic question sets and manage all the information you want to gather whether with internal intake teams or with vendors. Integrated dynamic electronic contracts make sure the right retainer package is always sent. Build your filter criteria with ease and ensure your firm is only taking on the clients it wants.

Seamless Client Engagement

Keep your clients engaged throughout the entire case journey to ensure they are there when you need them with a mobile app, mass text messaging, and automated case updates. Bridgify is a turnkey digital transformation solution that gives your clients the experience they are expecting. 24/7 on-demand access to case status, send forms to complete, documents to sign, requests for referrals, and easily gather the information you need while providing a client experience they will

Automated Case Workup

Easily build the dynamic workflows your firm needs to handle case workups. As things change in the life of the tort, editing the workflow is as simple as editing a document. Include all parties involved in working up cases, including co-counsel, clients, and vendors. Bridgify makes it easy to integrate with any vendors you have selected to help and include them in the workflow. Easy-to-build dashboards allow project managers and attorneys to always know what is going on with each tort. When the time is ready Bridgify automates the assembly of forms, short-form complaints, or submissions to court-appointed registries.

Grow Marketing Return on Investment

Real-time dashboards provide you with the information you need to understand which marketing vendors are delivering the best results and which are sending you headaches. Bridgify’s predictive analytics platform can forecast the value of your marketing channels in real-time, giving you the information you need to optimize your return on investment.

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