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Equal Access to Justice

At Bridge Legal, we envision a world where everyone, regardless of their background, has equal access to the justice system, just as large corporations do.
We firmly believe that rights only hold meaning when people are aware of and able to protect them. By harnessing the power of technology and AI, we aim to empower attorneys to serve more clients than ever before, effectively bridging the justice gap.
We are Bridge Legal.

Throughout our careers, we've been committed to creating technological bridges that connect individuals seeking to protect their rights with skilled attorneys.

Our dedication fueled the build of a platform that fosters profitable growth for law firms while enhancing outcomes for their clients.

We stand resolute in our pursuit to balance the scales of justice, ensuring that individuals enjoy the rights envisioned by our founding fathers - not just the privileges reserved for large corporations.


Our collective expertise and passion drive our mission to revolutionize the legal industry with solutions.

Empowering law firms to achieve greater success and efficiency through innovative solutions.

Ed Scanlan

Founder & CEO

Ed has been growing legal technology and marketing businesses for over 20 years. He was the Founder and CEO of Total Attorneys and grew the company to over $30MM in revenue.

Alex Sha


Alex is a product leader rooted in innovation through data and technology. He has led multiple digital transformations and product rollouts to drive value and grow businesses.

Randi Cruz


Randi is an experienced financial leader with a demonstrated history of using economic modeling expertise, and creative problem-solving skills to help bridge gaps between financial targets and operational strategies.

Bob Hannon


Bob has been leading teams in the areas of legal technology and marketing to drive measurable, profitable growth since 2005.

Dave Ryan

VP of Marketing

Dave is an online marketing professional whose expertise is grounded in using data to drive growth. He has managed 8-figure SEM portfolios, developed groundbreaking display tactics, and built authoritative SEO properties.
Our Board of Directors

Our collective expertise and passion drive our mission to revolutionize the legal industry by empowering law firms to achieve greater success and efficiency through innovative solutions.

Beth Birnbaum

Beth has led product at Expedia, Grubhub and Travelocity. She is currently serving on the Boards of Riley, Fandom, Ripl, and is Chairman of Forterra.

Clint Jones

Clint is the co-founder of GoHealth and has served as GoHealth's Chief Executive Officer since the company's founding in 2001. GoHealth went public on the NASDAQ in 2019.

Dan Papajcik

Dan provides legal, financial and strategic guidance. He led and sold an employee benefits firm, Vertus, to Alliant Insurance.



Bridge Legal runs on a cloud-based, enterprise-class, fully redundant infrastructure, supplemented by partnerships with world-class third-party technology providers. Our high-performance, full-service platform is available 24/7 for law firm customers and their clients.


Every data point captured by the Bridge Legal Platform is backed up and securely stored online. Our clients never have to worry about their hard drives crashing.


Bridge Legal was built from day one as a unified platform. Firms can use all the features as an all-in-one system to harness the power of automation and centralized data or choose some of the automated features that best fit their firm.

Build world-class technology

Bridge Legal was created to make the daily demands of running a plaintiff's law firm easier while eliminating the need for ongoing technology updates and troubleshooting.

Design everything with customers in mind

We're here to serve our clients, so everything we do - hiring, product design, and the entire organization - starts with what our law firm customers need. We understand your firm challenges and have built a system that addresses those challenges.

Help plaintiff’s law firms succeed

Our top priority is helping owners serve their clients and run their businesses better.

Transforming Firms with Unparalleled Solutions and Support

Hear from our satisfied clients who have experienced firsthand the transformation of their firms through our innovative solutions. 

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