About Us

Bridge Legal emerged from the simple idea that law firm owners deserve the time to focus on what matters most: their clients. We have transformed that vision into the world’s first automated marketing, intake and payments platform designed specifically for law firms.

Automation and artificial intelligence is going to affect every industry. We’re here to put small to mid-sized law firms in the position to ride this wave and have it power their success.

We’re here to serve our law firms clients, so everything we do-hiring, product design, the entire organization-starts with what our law firm customers need. We understand your firms challenges and have built a system that addresses them.

We’re Bridge Legal and we’re dedicated to your success.


Bridge Legal runs on a cloud-based, enterprise-class, fully redundant infrastructure, supplemented by partnerships with world-class third-party technology providers. Our high-performance, full-service platform is available 24/7 for law firm customers and their clients.


Every data point captured by the Bridge Legal Platform is backed up and securely stored online. Our clients never have to worry about their hard drive crashing.


Bridge Legal was built from day one as unified platform. Firms can use all the features as an all-in-one system to harness the power of automation and centralized data or chose some of the automated features that best fit for your firm.

Build world-class technology.

Bridge Legal was created to make the daily demands of running a local law firm easier while eliminating the need for ongoing technology updates and troubleshooting.

Design everything with customers in mind.

We're here to serve our clients, so everything we do - hiring, product design, the entire organization - starts with what our law firm customers need. We understand your firm challenges and have built a system that addresses those challenges.

Help local law firms succeed.

Our top priority is helping owners serve their clients and run their businesses better.

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