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Simplify Your Case Intake Process

Transform lead information into comprehensive case files with ease and efficiency
Unlock the Benefits of Bridge Legal's Case Work Up Solution
Experience a new level of efficiency, customization, and collaboration in your case work up process
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Customizable Client Update Blasts
Effortlessly provide clients with case updates using your own messages or our suggested templates. Tailor updates for specific groups based on mass tort, location, diagnosis, or other criteria, and deliver them via text, email, or phone.
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Automated Referral Partner Updates
Ensure investment return and supervision requirements are managed by automating status update requests for cases referred to other firms. Streamline communication with referral partners to maintain strong collaboration.
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Mobile App for Seamless Client Engagement
Offer your clients the ultimate experience with our turnkey mobile app. Boost client satisfaction and engagement by providing real-time updates and push notifications, keeping them informed throughout the case process.
Use cases for every role at your firm.
  • Attorneys
  • Support Staff
  • Intake Specialists
  • Legal Marketers

Streamline case intake for efficient client onboarding.


Automate data capture and organization for accurate records.


Tailor intake workflows to specific case types.

We cater to the unique needs of law firms and empower every role within the firm to achieve greater success, efficiency, and client satisfaction with our Case Intake Management platform.

Are You Leaving Money on the Table?

Identify opportunities to boost your ROI with Bridge Legal


Experience unparalleled growth and uncover untapped potential by harnessing the power of Bridge Legal's cutting-edge solutions. Maximize profitability and seize new opportunities with our innovative tools and services, designed to revolutionize your law firm's performance.


Personalized Client Update Blasts

Create and deliver customized case updates to your clients based on their unique case details, using either your own messages or our suggested templates.

Automated Referral Partner Updates

Streamline communication with referral partners by automating status update requests for cases referred to other firms, ensuring investment return and supervision requirements are managed.

Mobile App for Seamless Client Engagement

Offer your clients the ultimate experience with our turnkey mobile app, boosting client satisfaction and engagement by providing real-time updates and push notifications throughout the case process.

Centralized Communication Management

Keep track of all client and referral partner communication in one easy-to-use platform, ensuring efficiency and organization.

Automated Data Entry

Reduce manual work and minimize errors by automatically inputting client and referral partner information into your system.

Real-Time Notifications

Stay informed with instant notifications for important updates or communication from clients and referral partners, allowing for prompt response and action.

Secure Collaboration Tools

Share and access documents securely with clients and referral partners through a dedicated portal, streamlining collaboration and communication.

Seamless Integration

Effortlessly connect our communication automation platform with your firm's existing CRM, practice management, and billing systems for a cohesive and efficient workflow.

One Solution. Limitless Possibilities.

What makes us different than the other CRMs on the market?

We're flexible.

The Bridge Legal tech stack provides legal professionals with an easy-to-use interface and a powerful solution for case assembly coupled with an investor suite that forecasts case portfolio value for litigation funders.

But we don't stop there.

Choose marketing, intake, retainers, and case workup services which can be bundled together or selected individually to meet the unique needs of your legal practice.

By tailoring our services to suit your specific requirements, we help you maximize efficiency, streamline operations, and unlock your firm's full potential.

User-friendly. User-focused. Powerfully Simple.
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Transforming Firms with Unparalleled Solutions and Support

Hear from our satisfied clients who have experienced firsthand the transformation of their firms through our innovative solutions. 

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We help legal professionals streamline their processes, enhance efficiency, and drive better results with a comprehensive suite of cutting-edge tools and services tailored to their unique needs.

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