Intake Specialist

Looking for a charismatic Intake Specialist to join our team!


Chicago, IL Headquarters

Job type

Full-time Job


We believe that individuals should have an equal opportunity to access the justice system to exercise their rights as large corporations have. We believe that if people are unaware of their rights or are unable to protect their rights, then their rights do not exist. We believe that technology and AI will enable attorneys to serve a far greater number of clients than ever before, and bridge the justice gap. The mission of the Intake Specialist is to help those individuals get connected with our law firm customers by engaging with them and walking them through the process of retaining the firms’ services.


Full-Time Salary, Bonus Potential, Health Insurance, Dental Insurance, 401k, PTO


  • Knowledge: Develop mastery of subject matter relevant to firm’s intake criteria
  • Performance: Exceed targets for New Intakes Started and New Intakes Completed per Day within 30 days
  • Service: Deliver an outstanding level of service that reflects favorably on our law firm customers and leaves a positive lasting impression on their potential clients
  • Professionalism: Ensure that your interactions with the lawyers and staff working for our law firm customers continue to leave them proud to have us representing their firm and delighted to be working with us
  • Accountability: Ensure that all Pending Intakes are followed up with in a timely fashion
  • Culture: Contribute to our culture of hard work, collaboration and driving positive outcomes through your efforts and your interactions with our team

Skills & Competencies

  • A clear and articulate speaking voice
  • An outgoing and charismatic personality – You can provide the empathy, humor, and / or professionalism warranted by a given situation
  • Great listening skills – You have an ability to discern the relevant details from the extraneous details in your conversations with potential clients
  • Ability to control a conversation – You ensure necessary topics are covered efficiently without leaving the other person feeling rushed. When questions come up, you provide clear and concise answers before pivoting to the next question of your own that needs to be covered.
  • Patience and empathy – You’re comfortable talking to people from all sorts of different backgrounds at a time when they’re struggling with a difficult situation.
  • Strong closer – When somebody indicates that they’d like to move forward, you help them swiftly complete the steps necessary to turn that decision into positive action. You ensure that all their questions are answered clearly and accurately so that they feel well-informed and confident in their decision before returning focus to completing the next step.
  • Clear writing ability – You leave detailed notes that are easy for your teammates, the lawyers, and their staff to read and understand.
  • Driven to succeed – You’re eager to do whatever is needed for both you and our team to exceed targets.
  • You thrive in a learning environment – You’re eager to have others listen to your calls, to embrace constructive feedback, and to incorporate coaching points into your future conversations. You’re able to frame your own feedback for others in a positive and non-judgmental way.
  • Flexible / Adaptable – Priorities can sometimes change suddenly and you’re ok with that. You can roll with the punches and shift focus as needed to achieve our goals together.

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