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Marketing Automation

Set Your Goals

You pick the target number of clients you'd like to acquire each month and your exact criteria and our platform figures out how to get it done. Once you set your target - get back to running your practice.

Bidding Automation

Digital marketing is a data-driven science. The more data you have the better you can compete against other firms. Our platform optimizes keywords and audiences to generate compensable clients for your selected mass torts. We use data from intake to train AI to optimize bidding and placement.

A/B & Multivariate Testing

What is the optimal communication experience for your potential clients? Do they prefer to call, chat, or fill out a form? Our platform manages the entire process - we test thousands and thousands of ad permutations, landing pages, and intakes to drive down your cost per compensable case.

Source Optimization

Your prospective clients could be anywhere, and many of them don’t even know that they could have a potential claim. Our platform manages client experience and intake across multiple online sources and optimizes towards the most efficient channels to meet your goals and ensure a positive return on your marketing investment.

Intake Automation

We know that a good case starts with a great intake. Build the perfect intake process. Customize the exact criteria you want for a mass tort. Our platform engages clients through text, phone, and chat. Streamlining your intake process with our platform will increase the number of compensable cases you retain and get every client relationship off to a great start.

Customizable Intake Questions

Detailed intake questions allow you to filter out the cases you do not want while ensuring retention of the case you do want.

Text Messaged Electronic Contracts

Today’s client is expecting on-demand service from you. Once a client meets your exact criteria our platform will deliver your retainer and medical record release forms via text message for instant client completion. Digital agreements drive a higher rate of sign-ups while improving customer experience.

Maximize Connection Rate

Our platform ensures you never let prospective clients fall through the cracks. You can rest assured the process you've designed is followed each and every time. Intake information has never been easier to collect over the phone.

Self Signup

Your prospects do their research online and they find and engage with you online - why not give them a way to get started online. Our platform presents your intake questionnaire in an easy-to-understand format so clients can get started online, through text, or over chat.

Communication Automation

Client Update Blasts

Provide clients with case updates easily. Compose your own update to share, or opt into our suggested messages. Select who receives each update - an entire mass tort, or specific clients within a certain state, cancer diagnosis, or other criteria. Our platform can deliver your messages via text, email, or phone.

Referral Partner Updates

Automate status update requests for cases referred to other firms. Ensure your investment return and supervision requirements are managed. Or, if you receive referrals from other lawyers you can automate sending reports on your incoming referrals.

Mobile App

Give your clients the cutting edge experience they expect with our turnkey mobile app. Each client receives an automated text message invitation to download the app during intake. This app results in great client satisfaction and engagement, while reducing dual reps. Push notifications allow you to reach clients when you need them and keep them informed about the process of their case.

Analytics Automation

Client Portfolio View

Invest in multiple mass torts to diversify your marketing dollars and meet your goals. Our platform makes it easy to segment your case inventory across mass torts to understand your portfolio return, timelines, and capital allocation.

Return on Investment Forecasting

Our platform will help you understand the value of your case portfolio. Predict your annual rate of return and multiple of invested capital to make smarter decisions.

Case Segmentation

All the information you need to understand about your cases to manage your return and your risk. What’s your exposure to each type of cancer? Where are your clients located? Which marketing source is driving the most clients?

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