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Payment Automation

Simple & Flexible Scheduling

Process one time payments or create payment plans in seconds with completely customizable scheduling to meet your clients needs.

Complete Automation

Payments run automatically. No need to manually do anything.

Pipeline View

Have a clear view of clients payments scheduled in the future.

Client Portal

Let your clients gain confidence and trust by being able to manage their own payments. They can login to your branded portal and see their payment status, update their payment method and make payments.

Marketing Automation

Set Your Goals

You pick the target number of clients you'd like to acquire each month and our platform figures out how to get it done. Once you set your target - get back to running your practice.

Bidding Automation

Search engine marketing is a data-driven science. The more data you have the better you can compete. Our platform will optimize your keywords and decide what price to bid based on what is generating paying clients for you.

A/B & Multivariate Testing

What is optimal experience for your prospects to engage and either fill out a form or call? Our platform manages the entire process - we test thousands and thousands of permutations of landing pages and use data to present the page that drives your cost of client acquisition down.

Source Optimization

Your prospective clients could be anywhere online. Our platform manages multiple online sources to meet your goals ensure positive return on your marketing investment.

Intake Automation

Build the perfect Intake process. Your prospective clients are expecting you to serve them in the way they want. Our platform will manage your intake process from end to end - so you can start spending your time with prospects who are ready to retain.


If your prospects are researching and finding you online - why not give them a way to get started online.


Being able to chat online with your prospective clients 24/7 might be challenging. Good thing automated robots don't sleep. We'll empower your landing pages with bot-driven chat to be there when your prospects are - 24/7.


Our platform ensures you never let prospective clients fall through the cracks. You can rest assured the process you've designed is followed each and every time. Intake information has never been easier to collect over the phone.

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